February 2023

Parking Meter UX/UI


Two Person Project

Get Directions

Compare prices and find parking space anywhere you want. Once you type in the address you will see how many spaces are available nearby.

Just click go now to get directions to the most nearby parking spot.

See the live availability of other parking spots near the given address.

Pay & Adjust the Time

Choose how long you would like to park for, and pay the given price. To make things easier, save your payment information in your account.

Do not worry about time running out. Add time to your parking spot through the app.

Personalize Your Profile

Store your personal information, including payment method and car license plates to make payment easier. Also, change the appareance of our app to your liking by choose between your favourite colour and darkmode.

parkmate personalize profile

Parking Meter Interface

The User Interface of the parking meter is easy to follow with 3 simple steps:

1. Choose the time  2. Select payment method  3. Type your car’s license plate

Project Pictures